The painting instructions, lesson plans, watercolor techniques and notes on design and color listed below are based on the notes used in my art classes and workshops.


  Atmospheric Gouache Demonstration  Atmospheric Gouache 
How to use a soft glaze of white gouache to enhance the mysterious atmosphere of this old building.


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  Paris with Gesso Glazes Paris with Gesso Glazes
A technique of watercolor underpainting subdued with glazes of translucent gesso. The effect is soft and ethereal - ideal for the atmosphere of early morning Paris 
Mixing Watercolor Mixing Watercolor
A Beginners guide to mixing and applying watercolor. Includes information on wet in wet, dropping in, dry brush, splashing etc.
Why Watercolor?

why watercolor?
what is it that makes watercolor such an addictive medium?

 Varnishing and Finishing your Paintings glazing and finishing
how to protect your painting and keep it looking good for generations to come
Watercolor Techniques

watercolor techniques
description and examples of different watercolor techniques

Watercolor Materials 

information on all the watercolor painting tools - paint, brushes, palettes, pastels etc

Painting on Location

painting on location
tips to help you cope with painting outdoors under the gaze of others and at the mercy of the elements

Tonal Contrast tonal contrast
add impact to your work by focusing attention on the centre of interest
Compound Colors

using compound colours
 a technique to aid colour harmony

How to Paint Clouds  painting clouds
exercises and advice on making the sky a major part of the subject
Beginners Watercolor Lessons

watercolor - getting started
A beginners guide to the basic watercolor materials.

Planing Watercolor Washes

planning watercolor washes
a few minutes planning can make all the difference to a watercolor

How to Paint Hats

painting hats
a simple watercolor exercise using just three colors

industrial stuff
exercises aimed at forcing you to take a different approach to your subject
How to paint a Bird paint a bird
Two colour limited palette exercise. Great for beginners
How to Paint Trees foliage
a step by step exercise taking the
mystery out of painting trees and foliage with watercolor
How to Paint Shadows shadows
advice on painting convincing looking shadows
 How to Paint People small figures
an easy way to paint small figures in watercolor
Elements and Principles of Design

elements and principles of design
a run down on the building blocks that go to make up a work of art

How to Take Better Photographs photography
if you are painting from photographs here are a few tips to make them easier to work from
Understanding Color

colour theory
understanding how colors work

 Painting Trees trees
trees need not be difficult to paint if you keep a few simple facts in mind
Watercolor Tips for Beginners watercolor tips for beginners
tips and techniques to help you avoid the most common problems encountered with watercolor. 
 What to Include what to include
when faced with a complex subject what do you put in and what do you leave out? These examples show how to decide.
Landscape Painting landscape features
breaking landscape subjects down into simple elements to aid composition
 Direction direction
The element of direction can have a powerful influence on the mood of a painting. Find out how to control it.
Texture in Painting texture
Use physical and visual texture to give your paintings a more interesting surface


 Watercolor Questions and Answers question and answer
answers to all sorts of watercolor and mixed media painting questions. 

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