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John Lovett

Studio Newsletter

Newsletter 18    August 2017

Hi There,

Welcome to the first newsletter to come out of the new website.

Things have been very busy here in the studio, getting ready for the "Desert Postcards" Exhibition to be held at the studio in December. I have also been busy preparing workshops for 2018. We will be going to the Victorian High Country, Grafton, USA, Canada and the UK, so it's shaping up to be a busy year...

2018 Workshops
Desert Postcards Exhibition

Desert Postcards started as a small sketchbook where I gradually accumulated dozens of sketches and ideas from many trips into several Australian Deserts. The sketches developed into larger works and in the process, postcard sized paintings were done to shuffle around ideas. This exhibition features the small sketches, postcard paintings and larger works inspired by these smaller works.

If you can make it to Currumbin early December we'd love to see you.

An Exhibition Preview will go up on the website soon.


Sat. Dec. 2 - Sun. Dec. 10

10:30 am - 4:30pm Daily (QLD Time)

42 Tierney Drive

Currumbin Waters Qld.

New Articles

Grey Watercolor

It doesn’t sound very exciting, but the subtlety and power of Grey is often overlooked when we think of all the vibrant hues of watercolor paint available.


Contrasting Brush Marks​

There is a great pleasure in loading up a large brush with a mixture of strong dark pigment and quickly working some big, confident marks over the first washes of a painting


Sketchbooks and Journals

We all like to produce nice finished paintings, but in order to do that often requires a lot of scribbling, note taking and sketching. Sometimes those notes and sketches can turn into finished works in their own right.


I hope you find these articles useful

....Happy Painting

Cheers, John

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