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Unity of Texture





Gwalia, on the edge of the desert in Western Australia, is an abandoned gold mining town. It was populated by struggling European miners brought in as cheap labor, many years ago, when the mine was booming. Their poverty meant the dwellings they built were small corrugated iron structures. The little buildings were numerous and tightly packed over the area of the town. Corrugated iron was used for everything and its texture pervades the town unifying the buildings and making it feel more a town than an unrelated collection of little huts.

Albrecht Dürer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Gwalia – Western Australia

Gazing across the skyline of Manhattan, you can’t help noticing the texture of stripes and rectangles that cover all the buildings, unifying the City in a similar way to the  corrugated iron of Gwalia.

New York City Unity of Texture

New York

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