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2 hour DVD

Splashing paint watercolor and mixed media instruction DVD

There are hundreds DVD's that merely show painting demonstrations. SplashingPAINT actually teaches you how to master a wealth of valuable painting techniques.

No Matter What Your Skill Level, SplashingPAINT Really Will Improve The Way You Paint!

Quickly gain a confident, professional approach to your painting, so you can easily tackle any subject with passion and enthusiasm.

SplashingPAINT actually teaches you how to master all the  demonstrations, revealing the secrets to successful color mixing, confident brush techniques, subtle edge treatments and a large number of special techniques to really make your work stand out.

You will see how easy it is to create your own personal interpretation of your subject, rather than simply copying what you see.

SplashingPAINT shows you how to make your paintings demand attention by using emotive, atmospheric suggestion.

These days, unless you stand out from the crowd, you run the risk of becoming just another competent painter.


Just a Few Simple Materials

All the projects on splashingPAINT need only a few colors and a handful of common brushes. You probably have everything in your paintbox now!

For the cost of an average sable brush, SplashingPAINT will make more difference to your paintings than thousands of dollars worth of art materials ever will.

Priceless Practical Skills

SplashingPAINT takes you beyond the fundamental skills and passes on priceless knowledge built up over a lifetime as a professional artist. Practical, professional secrets that really will improve the way you paint.

  • A foolproof way to avoid mixing muddy colors

  • The EASY way to make smooth, even washes

  • How to execute clean, confident lines with a brush

  • Learn to select the best paper to suit your subject

  • Master the secret to mixing rich, strong darks

  • Discover how to use emotive light and atmosphere

  • Learn how to use color temperature for impact

  • Worksheet printouts to assist you with the demonstrations


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