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Repetition of Shape





The simple composition of this photograph relies on the repetition of curved shapes. The arched shape of the old man, the curved dark shape surrounding him, the clump of grass at the opening and the curve of the grass hut are all echoed in the dark silhouette of the distant hut.

The photographs simplicity reminds the viewer of the simple life of the subject, uncomplicated by all the accumulated possessions of western life.

By Herbert Basedow (1881–1933) (National Museum of Australia) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Herbert Basedow (1865-1933) “Hut, Eastern Arrernte” (1920)

Numerous bright red circles make up this moveable line barrier on a French tollway. The repeating string of receding shapes form a highly visible, tapering red line, making it obvious and unmistakable which gate to approach.

Tollway Markers - France  Repetition of Shape

Tollway Markers - France

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