Repetition of Line





The Cathedral of Sainte Chapelle, Paris is given a soaring upward thrust by the use of repeating vertical lines terminating in graceful arcs under the roof.


The hundreds of long vertical supports separating the panels of stained glass give the building a delicate, almost floating appearance from inside. Horizontal lines in the stained glass panels have been kept as thin as possible so as not to interrupt the soaring upward movement.

Sainte-Chapelle, Paris (1242-1248)


The repeating lines on this Zebra have evolved to offer maximum protection to the animal. Camouflage usually makes an animal blend into it’s environment but these repeating lines may serve better by confusing predators.


Similar stripes were used as camouflage on battle ships during WWI. Known as Dazzle Camouflage, it was designed by marine artist Norman Wilkinson to disguise a ships distance speed and direction, making it a more difficult target.

Zebra – Complex confusing stripes


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John Lovett is an Australian artist working in oils, watercolor and mixed media. Since commencing his career John has held over thirty five solo exhibitions and taken part in many joint ones. John’s work is represented in private and corporate collections in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and USA. John’s passion for his work and his open easy approach to teaching make his books, DVD’s and workshops thoroughly enjoyable, extremely informative and always very popular. His articles are regularly featured in “International Artist” magazine.      



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