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Harmony of Texture





This beach, with its shallow bottom and large tidal range, reveals this vast harmonising texture of parallel ridges every time the tide recedes. At low tide the water goes out for almost a kilometre, so the texture covers the beach as far as the eye can see, giving it the appearance of a giant Bridget Riley painting.

Sand Ripples on Beach showing harmony of texture

Sand Ripples

A similar harmonious texture is visible in most mosaics. Below, the vibrant colors, shimmering gold leaf and graded neutrals of St. marks Cathedral, Venice, are harmonised by the blanketing texture of small tiles.


This same texture not only harmonises the mosaic images in the external arches, but also visually links the arches to the walls and floor of the Cathedrals interior.

St Marks Cathedral Mosaic, Venice showing Harmony of Texture   © John Lovett

St Marks Cathedral Mosaic, Venice

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