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Ultramarine Blue
Alizarin Crimson (perm)
Quinacridone Gold
Phthalo Blue

1” Flat Brush
1/2” Bristle Brush
#2 Rigger Brush

1/4 or 1/8 sheet
Cold Pressed or Rough
Old Towel to wipe
your brushes on

© john lovett MMVIII

Reflections in rippling water

Sometimes the best approach is understated suggestion rather than careful rendering. The boat is the subject here, all the reflection has to do is lead the eye up to the centre of interest while suggesting an expanse of broken water.


  • Restraint
    Don’t be tempted to over do the reflection. Remember it’s a subtle suggestion, we don't want it to compete with the centre of interest, just lead the eye up to it.

  • Sharp shapes
    The small geometric marks made with your 1/4” flat brush (shadows under jetty, boat windows and details etc.) should be kept as square and sharp as possible. Keeping your brush fairly upright will help stop the brush heel producing rounded corners

  • Substitute Colors
    Indian Yellow can be used in place of Quinacridone Gold.

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