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Paint - Foreground
Phthalo Blue
Alizarin Crimson (perm)
Quinacridone Gold

Paint - Sky
Permanent Rose
Cobalt Blue

1” Flat Brush
1” Bristle Brush
3” Hake Brush
#2 Rigger Brush

1/4 sheet
Cold Pressed

Old Towel to wipe
your brushes on
Paper towel

© john lovett MMVIII

 Wet in Wet - drop in

This type of sky takes a loose random approach, but results in some great atmospheric swirls that add scale and grandeur to your paintings.


  • Let the water do the work
    The temptation is always to interfere and adjust things, but try and leave the dropped in Cobalt to swirl and settle.You may find it easier to lay your board flat for this wash.

  • Centre of interest
    The main shape in the sky should lead down to your centre of interest. Keep this in mind as you drop in the Cobalt Blue

  • Hake Brush
    Have an old towel handy to keep your hake brush as dry as possible when you feather out the sky

  • Substitute Colors
    Prussian or Windsor blue can be used if you don’t have Phthalo Blue. Indian Yellow can be used in place of Quinacridone Gold. Rose Madder can replace Permanent Rose

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