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Ultramarine Blue
Alizarin Crimson (perm)
Quinacridone Gold
Phthalo Blue
Burnt Sienna
Permanent Rose
White Gouache

1”,1/4",1/8" Flat Brushes
1/2” Bristle Brush
3” Hake
#2 Rigger Brush

1/2 sheet Cold Pressed
Burnt Sienna Ink & pen
Old Towel
Water Spray
Masking Tape
Grey Pastel Pencil

© john lovett MMVIII

Simplify and Suggest

With this painting we are trying to capture the atmosphere, rather than a photographic likeness, of this little fishing village. The thumbnail sketches on the splashing paint DVD demonstration show you how the subject was rearranged to improve the composition. When we paint the boats, buildings and water we are going to suggest rather than fully describe. For the viewer, subconsciously filling in the large chunks of missing information is what makes this painting so much more interesting.


  • Feathering Gouache
    It is important for the overglaze of gouache to feather out into the existing painting. There should be no edges visible anywhere.   - Make sure the painting is dry   - spray the surface and apply the gouache   - spread and feather with your dry Hake brush   - keep the Hake dry at all times   - spray and feather until the edges are all lost and gradations are even.

  • Substitute Colors
    Indian Yellow can be used in place of Quinacridone Gold. Prussian or Windsor blue can be used if you don’t have Phthalo Blue. Rose Madder can be used in place of Permanent Rose.

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