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Phthalo Blue
Burnt Sienna
Quinacridone Gold

1” Flat Brush
1/2” Bristle Brush
#2 Rigger Brush

1/4 or 1/8 sheet
Cold Pressed or Rough
Old Towel to wipe
your brushes on
Paper towel

© john lovett MMVIII

Easy Trees - Palms


Delicate strokes with your 1/2” bristle brush are the key to these trees. Pay attention to brush pressure as you paint the fronds. Start from the centre of the crown and as you make the stroke lessen the pressure so the frond tapers to the point


  • Calligraphic Marks
    The loose calligraphic marks made by stray bristles are what gives this painting vitality. Don’t be tempted to tidy up these marks or you’ll risk making the painting appear flat and dead.

  • Blue Water
    When you paint the water, wash your brush out thoroughly and clean a spot on your palette so your blue is absolutely pure

  • Substitute Colors 
    Prussian or Windsor blue can be used if you don’t have Phthalo Blue Indian Yellow can be used in place of Quinacridone Gold.

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