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Worksheet Printout Index

Click on the images below to view the worksheet printouts for each of the demonstrations on the splashingpaint DVD.

$77 + $6 P&P

Getting Started Demonstration

Easy Trees 1


Easy Trees 2


Easy Trees 3

Fir Trees

Simple Skies 1
Two color graded transparent wash.

Simple Skies 2
Two color transparent, wet in wet drop in.

Simple Skies 3
Indigo and White Gouache, wet in wet drop in.

Simple Skies 4
Dropping in and lifting off.

Reflections 1
Easy reflections in still water.

Reflections 2
Easy reflections in rippled water.

Planning washes for a better landscape.

Water and Light
Simple, direct approach for an atmospheric seascape.

Warm and Cool
How to balance color temperature for more impact.

Location to Studio
Editing and adjusting your subject.

Taking Risks
Push yourself to get more out of your painting.

Simplify and Suggest
Mastering and understated suggestion.

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