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Dominance of Texture





This small church is believed to date back to the 8th Century. In spite of renovation and additions the church and the surrounding grave stones have developed a textured patina built up from layers of moss and lichen. This dominating texture makes the little church and its surroundings appear to have slowly emerged from the landscape.

St Declans Church sowing Dominance of Texture

St.Declan’s Oratory – Ardmore, county Waterford, Ireland

Floating in a sea of small grey cobble stones, this jewellery peddler and all his wares, create an intricate field of varying textures that dominate the image. The grid of rectangular blocks and square patterned drainage grate across the top and down one side, add a formal geometric contrast to the intricate organic textures.

Dominant Texture

Dominant OrganicTexture

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