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John Lovett
Ballarat Workshop

October 10, 11, 12, 13  2023

This will be a studio based workshop. We will work on a range of subjects to explore a large variety of techniques. As well as regular watercolor techniques we will incorporate ink, gouache, gesso and charcoal into our paintings. We will experiment and take risks to squeeze the most out of our subjects.

We will work on small (approx. 260x360mm) paintings and will complete 2 paintings per day.

This workshop is suitable for all levels, but you should have basic skills .

We will work hard, Have a lot of fun and produce some great paintings.


Ideally, bring all of this stuff, but at a minimum bring the items marked in bold

Items in BLUE are for workshops where we will be painting outdoors


French Ultramarine Blue

Phthalo Blue - Green or Yellow shade ( or Winsor or Prussian )

Permanent Alizarin Crimson

Permanent Rose

Quinacridone Gold (or Indian Yellow )

White Gouache

Small container of Gesso


Optional Colors

Cobalt Blue


Phthalo Green

Burnt Sienna


Ultramarine Gouache



Burnt Sienna pigment ink (or similar) Screw cap on tight and seal in zip lock plastic bag if flying.

Plain dip in pen and nib



I prefer Arches Watercolor blocks 300gsm (140lb) Medium (Cold Pressed) 26x36cm (approx.10" x 14") or loose sheets the same size (¼ full sheet). Allow for 2 sheets per day plus a couple of spare.

Lightweight backing board if using loose sheets



1/2 inch flat Taklon (One Stroke or Long Flat)

1/4 inch flat Taklon(One Stroke or Long Flat)

1/8 inch flat Taklon(One Stroke or Long Flat)

#1 or #2 Taklon liner

2” or 3” Hake brush (GOAT HAIR)

An old 1/2” bristle house painting brush (I will supply these)



Handy for adjusting the amount of water in your brush.



Small enamel or plastic folding palette



Fine fibre tip permanent ink sketch pen

A black charcoal pencil.

A white charcoal pencil.

A couple of inktense pencils (Brown/ Grey)

...and a craft knife to keep them sharp



Small folding stool

Water container and water bottle

Small water spray bottle

Masking Tape

Small sketch pad

If you want to use an easel make sure it is small and light - you will have to carry it everywhere with you. I only use an easel so students can see when I am demonstrating.



All this should fit into a backpack and be easy to carry. Anything you are not sure about, leave behind. If you work on a small easel, remember, you have to carry it.

For more information and bookings, contact  Julienne Beasley
For more information and bookings, contact  Julienne Beasley
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