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Color Repetition





This simple composition relies on the repeating patches of blue and green to give it vitality and depth. The graduating size of the ripples gives the painting a feeling of perspective, while the contrast between the warm grey underpainting and the similar toned turquoise and blue ripples creates the shimmering effect on the water.

The eye follows the line of ripples from the bottom right to half way up the left hand side of the painting, where it is re directed by the distant band of Ultramarine leading to the dark shape of the headland. From here attention drops back down into the water where the circuit starts over again.

Gustav Klimt [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Gustave Klimt (1862-1918) “Attersee” (1900)

For a butterfly to survive moving from flower to flower in a field of dandelions requires clever camouflage. Echoing the shape and size of a dandelion is a great help, but repeating the flowers color is its number one defence.

Sulphur Butterfly  © John Lovett

Sulphur Butterfly on dandelion.

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